Our Ethos - Why Come to Ice Driver?

We believe that where driving is concerned, you never stop learning. Driving is a skill that can always be improved and there are always new ideas to discover.

Have you ever driven on track with an instructor alongside you, perhaps on a track day or corporate event? You may well have experienced instruction that goes “Do this, do that” and “No, not there, brake there…” you were probably able to obey the ‘instruction’. But the chances are, you were left with little understanding of the reasoning behind what you were being asked to do.

But imagine if you could learn from the process and develop a whole new set of skills that will make you faster and more complete as a driver? Imagine if you could take away those skills and be able to repeat them without your instructor being alongside you.

And you can take these new skills to every car you drive from now on.

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Ice Driving Packages

Ice Driver packages are varied and offer a wide variety of options to suit most budgets. We offer a range of one, one and a half and two full days driving

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One to One Ice Driving

For drivers wishing to maximise their time with us and who have specific requirements for coming to Ice Driver, we offer one to one bespoke instruction.

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Our location at the heart of the winter sports holiday resort of Geilo coupled with the luxurious Hotel Vestlia gives the perfect combination of conference facilities

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The Cars

A unique combination of cars, each one specially prepared to excel at life on a frozen lake. Choose from a combination of front wheel drive, four wheel drive, rear wheel drive and rear engined rear wheel drive.

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The Resort

Set in the beautiful countryside of Norway, surrounded by mountains with breath taking views, the hotel Vestlia Ski Resort provides a perfect retreat after an action packed day on the ice.

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Travel to Ice Driver is a simple and cost effectivce process from most major airports across the world.
Reach us in just three hours from Oslo airport.

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The Lake

Not a rally stage, this is a race track made from ice. Mile after mile of frozen lake, specially prepared tracks are created by our specialist team

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Read more about Ice Driver, who we are, our ethos, history and how we came to be one of the world’s premier Ice Driving locations

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