Ice Driver is a UK company operating from the beautiful ski resort of Vestlia in Norway each winter. Established back in 2006, our objective was to bring a fresh approach to the exciting subject of Ice Driving. We had worked alongside others in this niche market and realised that driving on frozen lakes wasn’t just for rally drivers. In fact, everyone can benefit from a day driving on frozen lakes alongside our instructor team.

How Did the Name Ice Driver Come About?

Back then, the conventional name was something that included phrases like Norway Rally School or Sweden Rally School. We felt hat missed the whole point and didn’t really describe what we do. Ice Driver seemed a better name. You can read more on this blog post about how the name came to be.

Since then, the term and genre ‘ice driving’ has been adopted by many others and indeed most of the performance car manufacturers now operate some sort of ice driving experience at some point each winter. We are pleased too that we have attracted others into the arena at a variety of different price points and packages.

Our Ethos.

What makes Ice Driver different?

We believe that where driving is concerned, you never stop learning. Driving is a skill that can always be improved and there are always new ideas to discover.

Have you ever driven on track with an instructor alongside you, perhaps on a track day or corporate event? You may well have experienced instruction that goes “Do this, do that” and “No, not there, brake there…” you were probably able to obey the ‘instruction’. But the chances are, you were left with little understanding of the reasoning behind what you were being asked to do.

But imagine if you could learn from the process and develop a whole new set of skills that will make you faster and more complete as a driver? Imagine if you could take away those skills and be able to repeat them without your instructor being alongside you. And you can take these new skills to every car you drive from now on.

Our Team.

Ice Driver is headed by Andy and Alison McKenna.

A professional racing driver and driver coach for more than 25 years, Andy instructor team are chosen carefully to reflect the ethos and drive of Ice Driver. Highly experienced, our team encourage the timid and challenge the brave to provide

Alison has decades of experience in management both of business and corporate events.

As multiple world champion Andy Priaulx said when coming to Ice Driver, ‘Everyone should do this’.