We’ve worked with many competition drivers over the years here at Ice Driver. From drivers who are with us for a corporate event, those compete purely for the fun of it, through those who aspire to make a living, all the way to multiple world champions.

One of the very first professional racing drivers to come to Ice Driver was Triple World Motrosport Champion Andy Priaulx. We found these notes in our archive from the year that Andy came out to Ice Driver, when he was a BMW Works Touring Car driver.

At the time, Andy had just won his third world title with BMW and had recently competed against no less than Micheal Schumacher in the annual Race of Champions charity event. Here’s what he said when he travelled to Ice Driver.

Q. Who gave you the idea to come to Ice Driver?
A. It was something I know Micheal Schumacher used to try and that’s what prompted me. We talked at the Race of Champions event and he said it was something he did each year.

Q. Why come to Scandinavia ?
A. It’s not too far to travel and the conditions are almost guaranteed. Plus the scenery is spectacular.

Q. Why would a racing driver want to do what looks like a rally driver’s thing?
A. I think it’s important for a driver to take himself out of his comfort zone. This is what makes you develop as a driver.

Q. What do you think you learned that you can apply to your driving and WTCC?
A. That’s a difficult one, really. It’s not just one thing that makes the difference, but lots of things added together. For sure, ice driving helped my car control and anticipation. Everyone should do this.

Today, Andy is still at the top of his game in the Ford GT endurance racing squad in the World Endurance Championship. Plus, of course, his son Seb is quickly carving a name for himself in the UK Ginetta Juniors championship. We wish them both well for the future.