Many of us are nervous passengers. For some, it’s simply the lack of not being in control or trusting the person behind the wheel.

Ice Driver’s Andy McKenna is the first to admit he’s a nervous passenger on the road. It probably has something to do with a driver’s urge to impress him when they find out what he does for a living. So the chance of a spot of revenge can never be turned down.

In 2013, Pole Position presenter Rosanna Tennent came to Ice Driver for a short report on what it’s like to drive on the frozen lakes of Scandinavia. Rosanna loved the drive, but her passenger ride alongside Andy probably goes down as one of those classic in car hot laps.

To her credit, the bleep button never had to be used and she managed not to swear during the whole experience. Today, Rosanna is a presenter for Formula One and the Mercedes Petronas team, so she probably spends her time in sunnier climates.

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And if you opt for that passenger ride with Andy, don’t forget to breathe.