Each season, as the motorsport calendar winds down, we receive a flurry of emails from instructors wishing to work at Ice Driver in winter time. This is in part driven by the thought of a winter with no competing and, more cynically, the thought of no wages from track instructing too!

Most of the Ice Driver instructors have been with us for many years. Ice Driver is a small family business and while we are dynamic and quickly scaleable for large events, our core team is a small and tightly knitted group. A little like the Red Arrows, instructors are generally chosen by consent with everyone else.

Step forward Jake Hill.

Jake’s been on our radar a few times this season, both in his day job in BTCC and also when coaching on track. He’s only young, with none of the grey hairs of the other Ice Driver team, but that will come after a few years of BTCC battling, no doubt!

Chief Instructor and director Andy likes Jakes attitude and confident attitude that lacks the arrogance that can sometimes be there in drivers. “He’s a bright lad, the rest of the team like him too. I’ve watched him coaching on track and liked his style.”

Jake is looking forward to being on the ice for the first time this season, “Even though I race on slicks in BTCC, I am quite comfortable with the feel of a car moving around beneath me and I’m looking forward to having a location that makes that characteristic a constant, repeatable thing, lap after lap. That’s got to be good for driver confidence”

What else do you think will be good for you at Ice Driver?

“I think it’s a great place for a driver to build confidence, learn new skills and really get to grips with things like weight transfer, using throttle and brakes to move the weight of the car around and become really comfortable with unusual car attitudes.”

“Above all, there’s probably going to be two sides to the whole experience. It’s going to be a unique chance to not just learn a whole range of new skills, but also have a really enjoyable time too.”

Jake will be with us coaching at Ice Driver this season. All of the Ice Driver coaches have a great combination of skills, able to adjust very quickly to a driver’s needs, concerns and objectives to deliver a driving and learning experience that drivers take away to make them better drivers than ever. We think Jake’s going to love it on the ice this winter.