One area of motorsport that benefits particularly from the Scandinavian environment is historic motorsport. Historic motorsport competitor Robi Bernberg has travelled to Ice Driver on several occasions to increase his driving skills. We ask what keeps bringing him back to the frozen lakes of Norway each winter.

Q. How long have you been racing Historic cars and what is your favourite car, race series or circuit?

I started racing Porsche 911s in 1993, and have raced every year since then! I switched to Historics in 2003, with a 1965 911, then bought a TVR Grantura as 911s are great – but they are too well built and so many of them, which makes it difficult to get (entries) into the big events. My favourite car is my 1955 Cooper T39 Bobtail, which I have raced at Le Mans Classic, an historic circuit if ever there was one!

Robi’s very rare Deep Sanderson

Q. The obvious question, why come to Ice Driver and what inspired you?

I come to Ice Driver to improve my skills – it its great environment where you can go properly sideways and the only thing to hit if you lose it is a snow bank. That means you can really find the limit of the car -and go over it – without the risks associated with doing that on a circuit, sometimes with little run off, and big consequences.

Q. How does what you learn on a frozen lake in Norway translate to the racing circuits of the UK and Europe?

There is an instructor in the car at all times, which is great because you learn new stuff and do not just go round repeating the same mistakes. I have learnt left foot braking, and that can be very useful on track, especially in the wet. Feeling the balance of the car and reading the road surface are other skills you pick up, as well as a sense of confidence. For example at a wet race, where the grip levels are so low on the Historic tyres we use that you have to go sideways to be quick and be comfortable with it – there are less heart in your mouth moments!

Q. If there is a single element that has helped you most, what would you say it is?

I would say it is looking out the side window to where you are going – and smiling!

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