For drivers wishing to maximise their time with us and who have specific requirements for coming to Ice Driver, we offer one to one bespoke instruction. Each year, we coach drivers from a wide variety of disciplines of motorsport on the advanced techniques of Ice Driving. Many modern motorsport competitors may not fully understand the car’s dynamics when the car starts moving around at the limits. In fact, right at the point where the greatest benefits are to be obtained is often the point at which drivers feel least comfortable.

Bespoke instruction with Ice Driver gives an awareness and skill set that is transferable to the forthcoming race season. Ice Driver has welcomed drivers from club racing competitors to world champions including Andy Priaulx and Sir Chris Hoy.

"I think it's important for a driver to take himself out of his comfort zone. This is what makes you develop.....Everyone should do this"Andy Priaulx MBE. Three Times WTCC Champion

“It’s a massive adrenaline rush and a proper learning experience at the same time. We are out here in the middle of nowhere in Norway with the Ice Driver team, surrounded by snow, driving the ice driver cars sideways, I can’t wait to do it all again next year!"Sir Chris Hoy

We offer exclusive driver development and coaching packages for our customers, which includes:
– Telephone consultation to estalbish your objectives before the event
– 1 days driving in a car of your choice from our unique fleet
– Fuel
– Insurance
– Two nights accommodation
– Lunch by the lake
– Food at the Hotel Vestlia

Ice Driver director Andy McKenna explains some of the skills that can be learned.

“This isn’t rallying or drifting. If you want to drive on the lockstops everywhere after yanking on the handbrake, I can teach you that in one hour. For me, a car should be moving around simply because it’s going so quickly it’s run out of grip. Oversteer should be a tool in the driver’s arsenal to be used to win, not for gratuitous showboating. Understeer is also something to be managed and used to advantage, but many drivers relatively new to the feel of a historic race car, for example, do struggle to feel comfortable initially. Used to a high grip tyre, the natural reaction is to catch the slide and kill it. Then the car sits back up, before assuming the oversteer attitude once more and the process repeats. It’s the reason why you sometimes see drivers ‘sawing’ at the wheel. The result looks like a thrippeny bit cornering line. More of a hexagon than a curve.

The best way to get time out of a car is to manipulate it rather than bully it. Ice Driver is the perfect training ground to develop that technique.”

Each Ice Driver academy guest inevitably has specific goals and your driving programme will be geared towards this. For an initial discussion on your objectives, contact Alison McKenna or request a call back below to discuss your exclusive Ice Driver Package