Shock News! Our classic, air cooled Porsche 911 has now retired.

Read on to find out why we said farewell to our classic air colled Porsche 911

Yes, we’re sad to. Nothing last forever, though our lovely Porsche came very close. After more than a decade of faithful, trouble free service, the lovely Porsche was showing signs of age a little, plus Ice Driver has moved along with both our customer base and our Ethos.

So, if you’re a Porsche 911 fan and you’re a little saddened by the fact that our Porsche isn’t available from 2020 onwards, here’s a few thoughts from Andy McKenna on why our 911 has retired and also why in fact, the platform of driving isn’t as important as you might think and why the BMW Compact is an absolutely superb platform for ice driving, regardless of the car you actually drive yourself.

Q. So what happened to the Porsche?
A. Nothing, she was still ticking along very nicely. It was Ice Driver and our customer base that seems to have changed. When we first established Ice Driver more than a decade ago, the Porsche 911 was the mainstay of our client’s wishes. Everyone wanted to drive a Porsche 911 on a frozen lake.

Today, our customers seem to be thinking differently and our 911 was no longer in demand quite so much.

Q. So how did you feel about that?
A. A little bit sad, but life moves on. The BMW Compacts we now use are a very, very versatile car that we can use to emulate almost any car you may think of. So no matter what you drive on track or race, we can cater for that. Plus the Fords Focus continues to be as popular as ever.

Q. Why do you think the Ice Driver Porsche became less popular?
A. I feel that as more and more people drove the air cooled car, they realised that firstly, it’s a classic car and will not drive like a modern car. And secondly, that the Porsche 911 driving technique doesn’t always transfer across to other cars. For those Porsche die hards out there, there are other places to drive a 911. And if that’s your thing, I utterly respect that.

However, we have to go with what our customers demand and they all love the BMW Compacts we’ve had specially created for us.

So, farewell Porsche, we’ve loved you for more than a decade. we hope you enjoy your retirement and will probably see you out there somewhere soon.