Not a rally stage. This is a race track made from ice. Mile after mile of frozen lake, our combination of specially prepared tracks are created each year as the Scandinavian winter freezes the ice. Our expert team create a variety of specially designed layouts using snow blowers to remove the fresh snow and expose the hard ice beneath. Our special Ice Driving tyres give a level of grip than many guests are amazed at.

Drift Circle and Slalom

Designed as a great fun activity, but also the perfect tool for teaching the techniques needed to learn car control and understand car dynamics. The slalom and drift circle are often used by our instructor team to illustrate specific techniques before venturing out to our two main driving tracks

The Indy Circuit

A short lap which is easy for drivers to learn, allowing you to focus on technique rather than the intricacies of learning a long track layout. The Indy circuit is not just a great starting point, but also a track used regularly by our amazing Polaris

The Inter

Inter is a combination of the longer bends found on 2K, plus the more technical layout of the Indy circuit.

The Grand Prix Lap

Fast and flowing, the longer Grand Prix track focusses on balancing the car at higher speeds and taller gears. A flowing circuit that allows drivers to fully explore the techniques of car chassis balance, weight distribution and transfer and visualising the racing line on ice.

Our professional instructor team work with our guests to swap between circuits to illustrate particular techniques, giving a perfect combination of great fun layouts and excellent tools for teaching and learning more about car control than you would have ever thought possible.