Ice Driver’s location in the centre of the Geilo Norwegian ski resort makes travelling to this spectacular location remarkably easy. Flights into Oslo are cost effective and easily available. Travel to us via the Alpine train service and enjoy a picturesque journey through the Norwegian wilderness. You could be checking into Vestlia Hotel reception as little as three hours later.

By Air

Fly to Oslo. Oslo Gardermoen is served by many budget and schedule airline services from all major airport hubs. All premium and budget airlines operate to Oslo, your initial arrival point in Norway.

Oslo airport is equipped to continue operations throughout the Scandinavian winter and is a major transportation hub into Norway.

Alpine Rail

The excellent Norwegian rail service operated by NSB are of superb quality. With reliability throughout winter that many other European train operators would envy, they are unaffected by snow and temperature. Travel in comfort with reclining chairs, free internet and your own table with power outlet lets you relax or finish of those last minute tasks before relaxing. Relax on board and read the free newspapers before arriving in Geilo to be met by our hotel staff for a five minute drive to the hotel

Car Rental

For those who prefer to drive, rental cars with winter tyres can be booked for collection at Oslo airport. Highway 7 is the main ski holiday route to Geilo, reaching us from Olso in around 3.5 to 4 hours by car.

Vestlia Hotel has ample car parking and is also equipped with four Tesla Supercharger stations.

Travelling to Ice Driver is actually a far faster experience than many guests initially think. Our recommendation is to take the Alpine train. The Norwegian rail service is very high quality and engineered to continue in operation throughout the winter months. The service cannot be compared with the typical congested and unreliable networks of the UK and the exceptional quality makes Norwegian rail travel something not to be endured, but enjoyed.

All of our guests receive a full information travel pack upon confirmation of booking, with everything you need to know to make travelling to Ice Driver a stress free experience