It doesn’t seem like more than a short time ago that we were standing beside our minibus at an airport in Scandinavia waiting to pick up our very first corporate Ice Driver group. Twelve years later and we are really proud that many of these people are still clients and still regularly enjoy an adventure to the spectacular Arctic wilderness to improve their driving skills and have a great winter break.

People often ask us how we came by the name Ice Driver, so here’s exactly how the name Ice Driver came about.

Back then, the conventional name was something that included phrases like Norway Rally School or Winter Rally School. We felt that missed the whole point and didn’t really describe what we do. For a start, ‘Rally’ tends to conjure up images of standing in a forest with a bobble hat waiting to be scattered with gravel. Plus we just knew that other drivers besides rally drivers would benefit and love it.

As for the word ‘School’? Nobody likes going to school. And the word made it sound like we would be dictating and preaching to our guests.

But we knew that once people tried it, they would love it and there were so many driving skills to learn in a short period of time. Almost like an Espresso hit of driver coaching.

Just a short time earlier, the Bond movie Die Another Day had been a big hit. Suddenly, driving at high speed on ice took on a whole new angle and we came up with the name Ice Driver. We have Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry to thank for the great car chase and for inspiring us to show that Ice Driving is for everyone.

Since then, the term and genre ‘ice driving’ has been adopted by many others and indeed most of the performance car manufacturers now operate some sort of ice driving experience at some point each winter. We are pleased too that we have attracted others into the arena at a variety of different price points and packages.

Today, Ice Driving has become far more than just a winter rally school. On our race track made from ice, we welcome everyone from corporate groups with no previous experience, through track driving enthusiasts, all the way to World Champions of Motorsport.